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Our pedagogical professionals

Our caring and committed professionals have a natural need to get to know your baby, toddler or school-aged child personally and to make an optimal contribution to his or her development. They always have a listening ear. For your child, but also for you. They are all well educated, qualified and have a huge amount of pedagogical knowledge and experience they are happy to share with you.

Regular, familiar faces

Each group at our childcare centre has several permanent pedagogical professionals who are supported by flexible, experienced and qualified colleagues. The Kids Company only works with fixed and certified pedagogical professionals and not with freelancers, interns or holiday/temporary workers. Also during holidays we ensure that a fixed pedagogical professional is always present in the group. In this way we ensure continuity in childcare.

Every attention for your child

What is special about childcare at The Kids Company is that our pedagogical professionals really spend all of their time with the children. This allows our pedagogical staff to focus entirely on the children. We make this possible as we have a professional cleaning team that cleans our villa daily, the groceries that are delivered, the baker who comes by daily, our own handyman and gardener and the presence of a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. In addition, administrative tasks are taken care of by the managers at our childcare centre and from our office.

Pedagogical expertise

All of our professionals are qualified and have a pedagogical education, varying from MBO, HBO to university level. They are continuously trained to enhance their pedagogical knowledge and to keep developing themselves. The professional development is regularly stimulated by offering various theme evenings and training courses.


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