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Our employees

Our loving, committed and professional employees have a natural desire to personally get to know your child and optimally contribute to his or her development. They are always responsive to your child’s needs, as well as to yours. They are all well-trained and certified and have a great deal of pedagogic knowledge and experience that they want to share with you.

Pedagogical employees

All our pedagogical colleagues are certified and pedagogically trained on various levels, varying from senior secondary vocational education, higher professional education and university education. Our employees always receive additional training to enhance their pedagogical knowledge and continue their development.

Regular and familiar faces

Each group at our childcare centres at every location has a few regular pedagogical employees who are supported by flexible, experienced and certified part-time employees. The Kids Company only employs certified pedagogical employees and doesn’t work with students or temporary personnel. During holidays, leave of absence or sick leave of regular pedagogical colleagues, we always substitute them with our regular employees. They are part of our team, which means that parents always see familiar faces in the group of their daycare centre.

Full attention for your child

Specific to The Kids Company is the fact that our pedagogical colleagues truly dedicate all their time to the children. That way, our pedagogical colleagues completely focus on the children. This is possible thanks to employing a cleaner team who cleans the daycare centres daily, the groceries that are delivered to the childcare centre, the baker who comes by everyday, the handyman/gardener who comes every week and the use among others of a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. In addition, administrative tasks are taken care of by the managers at the daycare centres and at the main office.


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