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Adjusting at our daycare

The Kids Company employs an ‘adjusting’ policy of one half-day before starting regular daycare so that your child and you can become familiar with the new environment.  Every child needs to get used to all the stimuli and impressions that he/she encounters in a new environment. And maybe you need that moment of adjusting too on the first day of daycare.

Warm welcome and adjusting

You and your child are very welcome to come and get used to your child’s group. The group counsellor will receive you at the childcare centre and get you acquainted with the group area, the regular pedagogical employees and the other children. We recommend scheduling the ‘getting adjusted’ session on a day that your child will actually arrive. The adjustment period often occurs in combination with the intake interview.


The intake interview usually takes place several weeks before the first day of daycare. During this interview, we will discuss some practical issues, as well as enquire about the habits, peculiarities and individual needs of your child.

Familiar faces

Open, warm and friendly employees at our childcare centres who radiate tranquillity is very important to us. We also greatly value having regular employees so that your child gets familiarised with a limited number of faces in his or her group.


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