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After-school care 4+

After-school care at The Kids Company is intended for children aged 4 to 12 years. Children usually move on from daycare. The strength of our after-school care is based on the small scale, which allows us to offer care with a lot of personal attention and room for personal wishes. The warm and homely atmosphere makes children feel safe and at ease. As children get older, they want to be challenged and have a greater need to play with peers. They will get all the space for this. At the after-school care, children often play outside in our large, parkish garden. They enjoy moving around and the nature around them. The group leaders explore a variety of activities with the children that match their age and interests. The children can also do their homework under personal supervision.

Benefits of after-school care at The Kids Company

  • Homely, warm atmosphere
  • Lots of playing and exercise outside in our large, parkish garden
  • Variety of sports & games, nature & technology, culture & creation and food & cooking
  • After-school care outside their school environment
  • Small scaled
  • Personal attention for the child’s personal wishes
  • Special and challenging program during school holidays
  • All activities, transport and lunches are included during school holidays
  • Annual traditional surprise day with slumber party!
  • Homework support
  • Possibility to bring to their own sports club
  • Possibility to bring a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Possibility of home delivery service

An after-school care afternoon in practice…

  • Rest time after school
  • Enquire about their experiences of the day and listen to their stories
  • Something to eat and drink together
  • Play outside and have fun
  • Offering various activities (sports, nature, technology, games, music)
  • Help with homework if needed
  • Bring and pick up to sports clubs if necessary

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