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Daycare 0-4 years old

Your baby is wholeheartedly welcomed at The Kids Company from the age of two months. We provide daycare in vertical groups until your child is four years old and continues to primary school. During the entire period, the children remain in the same group at the childcare centre and are cared by familiar and trusted pedagogical employees. 

From the age of three, your child can participate in weekly activities at our toddler mornings.

Daycare at The Kids Company is characterised by:

  • Personal attention for you and your child
  • Regular, familiar faces in the group
  • Professional and certified employees
  • Vertical groups (brothers/sisters stay together, creating a learning effect)
  • Child-friendly, safe environment
  • An hour outdoors daily
  • Healthy and responsible nutrition (organic as much as possible)
  • Strong pedagogical programme
  • Fixed daily routine
  • Varying activity programme
  • Green day care
  • Pick up/drop off service
  • Open 12 hours per day


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