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Parent communication

The Kids Company greatly values good parent communication. We prefer to vocally inform you daily and regularly inform you in writing on how your child is doing at the childcare centre and we’d like to hear from you about any peculiarities and wishes. We are happy to make time for this. By intentionally dedicating time to exchanging information during the transition phase, we build a good relationship and lay the foundation for proper development of your child.

Warm transition

We are good listeners, open for questions and find it important that you let us know what you find pleasant. At the end of the day, we always tell you how your child’s day was at the daycare centre and what he or she experienced. At the beginning of the day we ask you questions. The better informed we are, the better we can care for your child.

Parent communication moments

Obviously, we will speak to each other when you bring and pick up your child. We regularly write in the daily diaries. In addition, there are informal settings for catching up, such as theme evenings or the New Year reception. If we want to speak to each other more elaborately, then we will schedule a personal meeting at a suitable time.


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