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Smart Toddlers

The Kids Company offers the Smart Toddlers program for talented toddlers with an advanced development, who would like to be challenged even more.  

Developmentally advanced toddlers develop more quickly than average. They are more curious and more eager to learn than other toddlers, make easy connections, remember many things, and understand new concepts quicker. These children often like to dive deeper into subjects and ask many questions. Additionally, they may have a more detailed perception and can be really sensitive. In short, they are toddlers who benefit from extra challenges and appropriate opportunities! The Kids Company provides for this and offers a special Smart Toddlers program.

Way of working Smart Toddler program

By nature, a young child learns through inquiry and curiosity. We offer a lot of space for this, and we encourage the toddler to find his or her own answers within the boundaries of a safe, friendly environment. Together with peers, and under the guidance of our pedagogical staff, the toddler will discover more about him/herself and the environment. We also expect that this will allow the child to feel more at home in the world. The emphasis is on deepening and broadening the themes and topics and not on speed. We will not count or read with the children.

The advantages

Offering a customized Smart Toddlers program offers benefits for both children and parents. More challenge, more understanding and a more positive self-image. We are also able to advise on the right school choice and education tips, by which one can make better-informed choices and improve the well-being of these Smart Toddlers. In the longer term this means preventing health, learning and behavioural problems.

Does your toddler seem to be “in to everything” at an early stage?  Is your toddler very curious, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, and independent and does he/she want to know about everything, including uncommon things such as volcanoes, astronomy or “life”? Does your toddler dislike routine activities and does he or she desire to dismantle them with highly developed motor skills and a quick understanding of colours, numbers and quantities? For you as parents, this desire to discover and the constant need for new stimuli can often be tiring or difficult. Perhaps your toddler would benefit from an extra challenge?

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