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Fresh & healthy

The Kids Company greatly focuses on nutrition and uses only top brands and fresh products and as much as possible organic and/or sustainable products. Nutrition is suited to the age of the children. For babies we apply the feeding schedule used at home. At our childcare centres the children eat fresh fruits in the morning and sandwiches at lunchtime. In the course of the afternoon, they get a fresh vegetable & fruit smoothie and a healthy snack. Children over the age of one are given water and milk. We check the temperature of our professional refrigerators daily to ensure the quality of our food. For instance, it is very important that food and breast milk are kept at the right temperature.

Special food / allergies

If your child has a certain allergy (cow milk or gluten), we will carefully take this into consideration at our daycare. We provide these foods, purchased especially for your child, free of charge.

Healthy vegetable & fruit smoothies

Introducing children to various tastes at a young age develops their sense of taste. Good development of this sense contributes to a healthy eating pattern in the long term. This reduces the risk of overweight in the future. That is why The Kids Company considers it important to give children the opportunity to experience various seasonal flavours. Giving them fresh vegetable & fruit smoothies each day fits well with our vision. By offering these vegetable & fruit smoothies, your child will also get additional vitamins.

Green daycare 

We try to provide as much organic food as possible, grown and prepared as naturally as possible to make the childeren aware of healthy eating. At each childcare centre of The Kids Company we offer activities for the children to, for example, learn to sow seeds, so that when they harvest the crops, they can understand where vegetables and fruits come from and learn to eat with awareness. 

Our food policy

  • Fresh and healthy; sustainable and organic as much as possible
  • Nutrition suited to the age of the children
  • Babies follow their own feeding schedule as much as possible
  • Fresh vegetable & fruit smoothies daily
  • Drinking water is stimulated 
  • Fresh fruit and bread daily
  • Specific food in case of allergies (cow milk or gluten) is provided free of charge
  • The proper temperature of the fridge is checked daily
  • We advise parents on healthy and tasty treats


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