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Safety and hygiene

We always focus on general hygiene. At the daycare centres of The Kids Company, your child will learn to take good care of itself. For instance, before and after eating we always wash their hands. After playing outside, we do the same. The same applies to safety, because nothing is more important than the safety of your child. The Kids Company leaves nothing to chance.

Our general hygiene in practice

  • Toys and cuddly toys are washed weekly
  • Every child has his/her own bed with clean, personal sheets and bedroll
  • CO2 meters to monitor the air quality
  • A cleaning team who cleans the room each day
  • Continuous ventilation
  • No food and drinks on changing areas

A list of our safety measures…

  • All our daycare centres have a secured access control system, a completely enclosed outer area, and smoke and fire detectors
  • Child-friendly design: safe toys, safe distance between bars, secured power sockets, door strips, rounded-off corners on furniture
  • Security cameras in the bedrooms
  • Aerosleep mattresses
  • All employees at our childcare centres have a children first-aid certificate and several employees have a complete first aid/emergency response diploma
  • Safe storage of medication and sharp objects
  • Big windows and easily supervised garden on each location so the children can always be seen
  • Four-eyes-principle (adults must always be able to monitor the children by watching or hearing them)
  • At least two pedagogical employees must always be present
  • Evacuation plan and twice a year, a fire drill at each location

More information?

Call 040 – 25 747 52 for a personal introduction at one of our locations!


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