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Daycare The Kids Company

The Kids Company greatly values personal attention for you and your child. The devotion of our regular pedagogical employees makes our childcare centres feel “Just like home!”. In addition to providing good childcare and stimulating the children’s development, we find this sense of a warm welcome important in order to provide children with safety and security.

Why The Kids Company?

Quality is our priority

At The Kids Company we give your son or daughter the opportunity to develop in the most optimal way in a safe, trusted and caring environment. In a homely atmosphere at our daycare, we encourage the natural curiosity and give your child individual attention.

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The pedagogical policy of The Kids Company is unique and embraces the most valuable insights and principles of the best educationists. To contribute to the development of your child, we carefully consider every development phase that a child goes through. Our employees at our childcare centres receive tools to stimulate every developmental area.

Learn more about The Kids Company? Do you have questions about availability or would you take a look at one of our daycare centres? Contact us for a personal introduction!

Latest news

Childcare refund 2019

Good news! In 2019 the Dutch government will also invest extra money in childcare, this means childcare refund will increase and childcare, also our childcare centres, will be more attractive! Are you aware that childcare refund is significantly higher for your second and following children than for your 1st child? See also www.toeslagen.nl.

Special days 2019

The Kids Company is opened from Monday thru Friday from 07.00 – 19.00 hrs, 52 weeks a year. In 2019 we will be closed on the public holidays on 1 January, 22 April, 30 May, 10 June, 25 and 26 December

Healthy nutrition

As first daycare in Brabant we have acquired our certificate for “OKÉ vignet voor “Gezonde Voeding“! This means that we offer fresh products such as fresh bread, vegetables and fruit and the children are offered (fruit) water and tea. Our in-between and snack-related policy is also healthy and sugar-free.



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