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Theme week

Our annual Theme week will take place at each of our locations between 11-15 June! This year’s theme will be ‘The Farm’.

Father’s Day 17 June

For the sweetest dad who is always there for me and likes us going on an adventure together!

Grandparents’ Week

Between 18-22 June, we will have our special week for Grandmothers and Grandfathers! Are you also planning to visit your grandchild(ren) with us? You are very welcome!

Childcare refund 2018

Good news! In 2018 the Dutch government will also invest extra money in childcare, this means childcare refund will raise and childcare, also our childcare centres, will be more attractive! Did you know that for your second and following child the childcare refund is significantly higher than for your 1st child? See also www.toeslagen.nl.

Healthy nutrition

As first daycare in Brabant we have acquired our certificate for “Healthy Nutrition”!  We are proud and happy!

Green Day Care

Since a few years we are the proud owner of the quality certification Green Day Care! This entails that as professionals in daycare we actively stimulate the relation between children and nature.

HKZ ISO-9001

Since 2007 we have been a HKZ ISO-9001 quality certified daycare. We are preparing ourselves as well for the new international ISO 9001- quality mark which will become applicable in 2018!


Special days 2018

The Kids Company is opened from Monday thru Friday from 07.00 – 19.00 hrs, 52 weeks a year. In 2018 we will be closed on the public holidays on 2 April, 27 April, 10 May, 21 May and 25 and 26 December.

Terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions of The Kids Company have been renewed, you will find them here.


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