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Safety and hygiene

Safety and hygiene have our constant attention at our childcare centre. Your child learns thus to take good care of him/herself. For example, hands are washed before and after eating. After we play outside, we do the same. This also applies to safety, because nothing is more important than the safety of your baby, toddler and school-aged child. The Kids Company therefore leaves nothing to chance.

Our safety & hygiene in practice

  • Soft toys are washed weekly
  • Each child has its own bed with their own clean, sheets and sleeping bag
  • Daily cleaning of our villa by a professional
  • Eating and drinking separately from changing places
  • Advanced climate control (heat and cold)
  • Modern ventilation system

Our security measures

  • A secure access control system
  • A fully enclosed outdoor area
  • Distance between bars, toys, sockets and furniture in accordance with safety regulations
  • Surveillance cameras in the bedrooms (and around our building)
  • All pedagogical staff members have (children’s) First Aid / BHV
  • Safe storage of medicines and sharp objects
  • Surveyable garden with a continuous view on the children
  • Four eyes principle
  • The presence of at least two pedagogical professionals on each group
  • Aerosleep mattresses
  • Fire alarm system
  • Evacuation plan and a fire exercise twice a year


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