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Healthy food

The Kids Company pays a lot of attention to healthy food, uses A-brands and fresh, organic and/or sustainable products as much as possible. Our healthy food is adjusted to the age of the children. We follow the individual feeding schedule for babies. The children eat fresh fruit in the morning and a hot meal/sandwiches for lunch. In the course of the afternoon they get a fresh fruit/vegetable smoothie and a healthy snack. After 12 months, the children are offered fresh fruit water and milk as standard. The temperature of our professional refrigerators is checked daily. This guarantees the quality of the food at our childcare centre. For example, it is very important that (breast) food is stored at the right temperature.

Adapted food/allergy

If your child has a specific allergy (cow’s milk or gluten), The Kids Company will take this into account. We buy this food especially for your baby, toddler or school-aged child, and is free of charge.

Vegetable and fruit smoothies

Getting acquainted with different flavors at a young age stimulates the taste development. A proper taste development contributes to a healthy eating pattern in the long term. This will reduce the risk of future obesity. Within our childcare we think it is important that children are given the opportunity to get acquainted with all kinds of (seasonal) flavors. By offering healthy food daily, such as fresh vegetables and fruit smoothies, your child gets extra vitamins.

Organic and natural

Our healthy food is organic as much as possible and harvested and prepared as natural as possible, helping children learn to eat consciously.  An example of an activity that resonates with this is helping to sow and maintain our vegetable gardens, enabling the children to see where fruit and vegetables come from when they are harvested. The presence of chickens and the layering of fresh eggs also contributes to this.

Characteristics of our healthy food

  • Fresh and healthy; organic, natural and sustainable as much as possible
  • Daily fresh vegetables and fruit smoothies
  • Drinking water is encouraged
  • Daily fresh fruit and bread
  • Selected products from our own vegetable garden
  • Free provision of food in case of allergy (cow’s milk or gluten) or cultural background
  • We recommend tasty, yet healthy treats for festive activities
  • Nutrition adapted to the age of the children


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