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About The Kids Company

Who are we?

The Kids Company is a private, professional and flexible organisation that offers high-quality daycare. In 1996, we began with our childcare centre in Eindhoven and since then, we have gained much knowledge and expertise related to developments in daycare.

Our ambition

Offer children daycare in a professional, warm and homey environment so they will feel safe and secure and will be able to develop optimally and grow into children who will face life uninhibited and self-assured.  We want to lay the basis together with you and our professionals. That is our added value and ambition!

Continuous development

In 1996, The Kids Company opened its first childcare centre in Eindhoven; 5 years later, it opened one in Breda; and in 2009, it opened the daycare centre in Waalre. We continue to develop in terms of staff and materials and in our specific sector.

Devoted employees

Our devoted pedagogical employees ensure that The Kids Company is “Just like home!” Involvement is essential to this. That is why we greatly value personal and professional development through courses and growth in terms of responsibility and position.

More information about The Kids Company?

We are pleased to invite you to a personal introduction visit!


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