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Contact moments with parents

Within our childcare centre we attach great importance to good contact with parents. We offer a five-star service and we are delighted to unburden you. We are happy to inform you daily in person and regularly in writing about how your baby, toddler or school-aged child is doing. We also like to hear about any specifics and wishes from you. We are happy to take the time for that. By consciously paying attention to the exchange of information during our contact with parents, we establish a good relationship and together we lay the foundation for a good development of your child.

Warm transfer

We have a listening ear, are open to questions and find it important that you let us know what is pleasant for you. At the start of the day we ask questions. The better informed, the better we can provide. At the end of the day, we always share with you what your child has experienced and how their day enrolled at our childcare.

Moments of contact with parents

Of course we talk to each other during the drop-off and pick-up. We regularly write in the carry-over notebooks and send you experience photos of your child via a private WhatsApp group, which is also intended for short messages. In addition, there are informal settings to catch up on, such as the theme evenings or our summer/winter event. If we prefer to speak to each other more in detail, we will be happy to make a personal appointment at a quiet moment.


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