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Pedagogical policy

The pedagogical policy of The Kids Company is unique and embraces the most valuable insights and principles of the best educationists. To contribute to the development of your child, we carefully consider every development phase that a child goes through. Our employees at our daycare centres receive tools to stimulate every developmental area.

Characteristics of our pedagogical policy

“Offering safety, security and a clearly defined structure”

In addition to taking good care of the children, we also create an atmosphere in which children can develop optimally. We offer children structure in the form of a daily programme and group rules. Consequently, children know their boundaries and therefore, feel safe and secure. An atmosphere of warmth and security ensures that children feel safe and at ease. We are considerate of each child’s personal pace, based on respect for each child’s individuality.

“Being considerate to each other”

In order to offer children proper care and guidance, it is important to tune in to the home situation, when possible. Good personal communication about changes in the daily routine of your child is essential. By working with vertical groups at our childcare centres, we imitate the home situation; the youngest children can learn from the older ones and the older children learn to deal with the younger children in a loving and responsible way.

“The world around them”

Children are gradually made aware of the world around them. Based on themes, such as seasons and holidays, we awaken their curiosity in a playful manner and make them aware of their environment. We also offer activities related to the development stages of the child.

Want to know more about our vision?

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What does our pedagogical policy mean in practice?

Several examples…

  • Homey design for familiarity and tranquillity
  • Fixed daily routine so that your child understands the boundaries
  • Going outside daily to explore the environment and get impressions
  • Regular employees in the group so the child feels safe and secure
  • Great selection of toys and activities; suitable for the various development stages
  • Fresh vegetable & fruit smoothies daily to develop a healthy eating pattern
  • Annual theme week and week of pedagogy with a main topic


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